Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation                                                                          (Expected June 2020)
                     Savannah College of Art and Design: Savannah, GA
                     Minor in Character Technical Direction​​​​​​​
                     Courses of Study included: Traditional drawing and painting, Art history, Communications
Work Experience:
          Various Clients - Freelance Motion Graphics Animator                                              (December 2017-)
                    * Created animated .gif animations optimized for social
                      media sharing using After Effects
                    * Communicated with clients through all steps of production
                    * Managed itemized invoices​​​​​​​
                    Autodesk Maya, Python, MEL, C#, Adobe Suite (After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere,
                    Illustrator), Toon Boom Harmony, Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, TVPaint, Audacity,
                    Ableton Live, Nuke experience, Unity experience, Substance Painter experience
Collaborations and Film Work:
          Teaching Assistant, Prof. Brian Schindler                                                                        (January 2019-)
                    * Acted as a facilitator and knowledge resource for an intro-level rigging class​​​​​​​
          Officer, SCAD Rigging Union                                                                                        (September 2018-)​​​​​
                    * Created and presented tutorials covering various rigging topics
                    * Connected film directors with riggers for their collaborative projects
                    * Managed the union’s social media presence and video tutorial archive
          Under Your Skin, dir. Bernardo Warman and Bridget Gaynor                                             (Winter 2019)
                    * Character rigging, tool scripting, and 3D character animation
          Abducted, dir. Morgan Nixon                                                                                                      (Fall 2018)
                    * Character and prop rigging​​​​​​​
          Bedside Guardians, dir. Tian Nash                                                                                        (Winter 2018)
                    * Character rigging​​​​​​​
          Shu and the Was Scepter, dir. Cailyn Santos                                                                            (Fall 2017)
                    * 2D puppet animation
References: Available upon request

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